PHP - impress.js designer

Project involves using the s5 project as a basis and reimplementing this solution using impresss.js a javascript library allowing us to integrate Powerpoint like slides with CSS/JS/HTML5 transformations - this is currently in use at the Rice Campus but we want to redeploy and then open source this code.

PHP/ASP.NET/Python front End for Rsyslog System

We are looking two volunteers. 1 to develop an front end (web based) in any language and a second developer to develop SQL queries to pull report data from a mysql database .

Front End developer for interface with Amazon SimpleDB

Similiar fashion as above we need someone to help develop and internal ticket system for the department using Amazon SimpleDB - you will get experience working with Amazon API's and cloud based storage

Ubuntu MAAS - Metal as a Service

This is a real exciting project as Ubuntu has created a service MAAS along with JuJu for deploying software on ready and waiting servers preconfigured. This is really the future of software on any scale being deployed.

Please contact if you are interested in any projects.