The open source Cloud Computing Platform Eucalyptus has a neat feature called Walrus or W3. It is a Storage as a Service compatible with Amazons S3 -- but for use in-house.

I have been using an opensource library called JetS3t (pronounced JetSet) configured to be able to work with Amazon S3 - Google Storage Service - and Eucalyptus. The image below shows the configuration file for JetS3t.

There are a few settings that need changing

    s3service.https-only needs to be set to false (no https yet for Walrus)
    s3service.s3-endpoint needs to be set to the IP address of your Walrus instance
    s3service.s3-endpoint-virtual-path needs to be set to the Walrus service location - which is /services/Walrus (no trailing slash)</ul>

    If you change these three you will be able to list your buckets but not objects - hmm... what is the issue.
    There is one more setting that needs to be changed...</p>
      s3.service-disable-dns-buckets needs to be set to true

    I beleive this allows the JetS3t library to look up bucket names via direct IP instead of using a FQDN.</p>

    Now the next post is how to get the Amazon Java SDK to work with Eucalyptus - this should point me in the right direction. NOTE - this configuration should work for older Walruses as well.