Here is a note from ITM Professor Bill Slater who is publishing articles relating to CyberSecurity


""I made the cover and cover story of the new issue Hakin9 On Demand Magazine that was just published TODAY, January 15, 2013.


Together, we will make continue to Cyberspace a little safer for the rest of the world. I know that is possible, because I just did it in my new article, Applying a Security Compliance Framework to Prepare Your Organization for Cyberwarfare and Cyberattacks!

This article came out in Hakin9 On Demand today, January 15, 2013. It is about 35 pages in length (double-spaced) and it's about using ISO 27001 to make your organization safer in the day and age of Cyberwarfare and Cyberattacks.

Original Article:

Big Special thanks to Professor Ronald Woerner, Professor Matt Crosston, my wife (Joanna Roguska), my mother-in-law (Wiesia Roguska), my father-in-law (Wiesciek Roguski), my mentor (Jim Jarnagin), my editor (Ms. Ewa Duranc), Bellevue University, my buddies (Terrance Stachowski and Andrew Pena), and God for all the support, encouragement, and inspiration!

My students at the Illinois Institute of Technology will enjoy this news also, especially Ms. Vidya Krishna, with whom I am currently writing another article with on Data Center Security.

Also, in case you missed it, my M.S. in Cybersecurity program portfolio is here: (the cover image will be featured on a full-page in Hakin9 magazine either in this issue or the next)."" -- end