Hello World!

I am typing this from a Viewsonic td2220 touch enabled monitor. I have taken the plunge into Windows 8. I like the Metro style apps and hope to see more adoption. But what I am interested in is can my workflow be significantly improved by adding touch capabilities to my desktop? We all have tablets and phones - but can it work in the desktop? Like anything staying focused and not quitting when you get frustrated is the key to understanding and learning this environment. I would encourage anyone to try it.

Here is what I have learned so far. dd

First to the concept of "touch" doesn't come out of the box for free - (boy did I feel dumb when I figured this out!) When you connect your monitor via HDMI or DMI or VGA - that is just for video out - it has no way to send the touch data back to the PC! There is a separate USB connector that handles this. Basically the touch screen is treated as a monitor with a USB device embedded in it - but the device manager sees it as two things.

Once that was ready - the touching features worked - pinch- zoom- exactly what you would think.

Then I realized that alt-tabing is a "desktop" way of thinking. You swipe up or left edge in. Ah technology. =)