Yes, You heard it right. Starting this fall’14 semester, we will have our very own private cloud, which can be made use of just like Amazon EC2. The only difference is it’s FREE !!!!


Let’s see what we all we can do:

  • Ever felt your PC was slow or you needed a different operating system?
    • You have the option to choose from number of operating systems and launch the one you choose on a system whose configuration you would pick as well.
  • Too afraid to experiment with your PC?
    • Many a times we hold back doing some crazy stuff on our PC as we donot want it crash. In the cloud, you dont have to worry, if the system crashes, just delete the system and start a new system.
  • Have something you want to show it to public, a website probably?
    • Every system by default would have a public IP. So hosting your service/website should not be a problem.
  • Research?
    • Many a times in our research we have to solve problems which are computationally intensive. You can pick a system which has 48 cores and 12 GB RAM and with over 24 TB hard-disk space.

1Tat’s really cool!!