Since Eucalyptus 4.0.2 adding images and deregistering images has become vastly simple. Before hand it seemed as a mystery how to create custom images.

The secret is in this repo Basically you use to build your custom images and then use euca-install-image:

euca-install-image -i output-qemu/centos-6-base.raw --virtualization-type hvm -b centos-base -r x86_64 --name centos-base

Using this repo I have added the Ubuntu 14.04.2 image and removed 12.04.5 images, as well as the Fedora image.

You can use the commands here: euca-deregister and euca-delete-bundle

Find the image you want to remove:

IMAGE emi-E533392E alpha/centos.5-3.x86-64.img.manifest.xml 965590394582 available public i386 machine eki-345135C9 eri-C4F135BC instance-store IMAGE emi-623C38B0 alpha/ubuntu.9-04.x86-64.img.manifest.xml 965590394582 available public i386 machine eki-E6B13926 eri-94DB3AB9 instance-store ```

Note the image file name (for example, emi-623C38B0). Deregister the image.

euca-deregister emi-623C38B0 IMAGE emi-623C38B0

Delete the bundle:

euca-delete-bundle -b alpha -p ubuntu.9-04.x86-64.img