In October of 2017, two graduate students from France and Spain and I published a paper about the continuation of Mark Milhouse’s original AMF work.


The Extension and Implementation of the Autonomous Movement Framework

by Théo Rivière, Graduate Student at Illinois Tech Héctor Gutiérrez Ayala, Graduate Student at Illinois Tech Jeremy Hajek, Industry Associate Professor at Illinois Tech


The internet changes the way we do business, with companies like Amazon, Uber, and Google reshaping the way commerce is done delivering packages. Companies, such as Nokia, are demonstrating drone fleets being used for public safety over large scale desert areas. Our research asked, could this technology be replicated on a small scale for independent operators to use? The initial goal of this project was to design and develop a framework to control and manage drone fleets for use in search and rescue and disaster relief. We were able to design a platform and framework that integrated common offthe-shelf drones and accessible Windows computers and Android Phones to build and deploy our Autonomous Movement Framework.

SIGITE 2017 Paper